Breadway, Ltd

Breadway, Ltd

We are a young, ambitious company which for last 6 years has tripled its capacity, increased tenfold its production volumes, controlling carefully quality of the products herewith.

We know how to bake bread, and we are fond of our work. Our employees are real technicians. We achieved considerable successes, and it proves that we are on the right scent.

Our mission is to bake such bread, in every piece of which you will feel care about quality, responsibility for ingredients and desire to carry taste and aroma of home bread!

Our principle of work performance is to control quality on every production stage and, as a result, getting tastiest bread. And the newest technologies help us to reach it. When we say the «newest technologies», the question is about high-quality foreign equipment for baking bread. But we do not talk about the newest technologies concerning baking formula, - we have a rooted objection to chemical taste improver, we are for natural ingredients. Due to permanent control, our products comply with quality standards.

Extending our assortment, we are preparing to launch a new product — the frozen bread. This product is baked until done directly in a shop only for 10–30 minutes, and can be kept in a freezer from 6 to 18 months.

Our own delivery system provides the arrival of the freshest baking on the counters of shops of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

We constantly work on increasing the amount of retail points of sale of our products and are always ready for cooperation.