Bread way

A handful of grain travels a long and interesting way before becoming a fragrant loaf. Let’s follow this Bread way.

It begins early in the spring: wheat grains get into the fat Ukrainian land and absorb during 4 months useful nutritive together with aroma and spirit of our earth. The harvest is reaped carefully and proceeds to a mill to become flour. And when flour, yeasts, margarine and water meet each other on our table, a real magic starts — that is bread baking!

Filling components in dough mixers

Before mixing dough all the ingredients should be weight on electronic scales to observe exactly the baking formula.

Divider with rotating blades

After the dough has fermented, it is loaded into a divider with rotating blades that cut the dough into pre-determined weights.

Dough pieces are shaped into balls

Then the dough pieces are shaped into balls.

Reverse automatic sheeter

Or to a reverse automatic sheeter.

Placing the workpiece on a baking

Then the loaves are laid out into special forms that they may "rest", or just into pans.

German rotary oven

It’s time to enter the oven!

Baked loaves of bread

Products are baked in the German rotary oven exactly allowed time. The temperature and humidity are calculated carefully. Some kinds of bread are baked straight in forms and are taken out after baking.


Then a machine for mixing dough starts to work. We have installed modern dough-makers produced in Italy and Poland.

The dough after fermentation

The mixed dough is stored for fermentation – a natural process (for every type of bread the time is determined) which allows the dough to acquire a unique taste and special aroma.

Molding machine

Depending on kind of product the pieces of dough can be moved to a molding machine to shape batons.

Manual creation of bread

Almost all the products are shaped manually.

In the prover the dough should proof

In the prover the dough should proof. For Kalach, for example, this process takes 1.30-2 hours, and for Baton - 1-1.10 hours. In case of setting optimal temperature and level of humidity the dough regains the elasticity lost during fermentation and the resting period.

Braids sprinkling poppy seeds

Before entering the oven the products, depending on their kind, are dredged with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, crimped or egged.

Packing in the baking heat-shrink film

The bread cools off and moves for packing and lot forming. Fancy bread should be packed in special shrink wrap.